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"Insektenhotels" ???

Manufactured carelessly with cheap materials and relying on the ignorance of many buyers, the  popular "insect hotels" often do not meet the demands of insects in any way.


Most of the filling is maximally decoration and offers insects such aslacewings, wild bees and ladybugs of no use.


Lacewing box

The lacewing larvae devour 200-500 aphids during their development period. The flies only lay eggs when there are enough aphids. If you fight the lice, you take away the livelihoods of the lacewing.

Lacewings overwinter in sheds and garages, for example. That little red box is too small and useless.

A species-appropriate one Box should be at least 30x30x30cm.

You shelter If there are lots of aphids in the garden, abiological equilibrium is automatically established.

Tubes or bores  for wild bees

The tubes for wild bees are usually much too fat and too short. In the drilled holes, wood chips appear again in the softwood used.  The entry holes are often totally frayed. The bees avoid these out of fear for their wings. Nobody crawls voluntarily through a smashed glass door. We expect the bees to do this! Injury to the wings would be their death sentence.


Die Bienen meiden diese aus Angst um ihre Flügel. Kein Mensch kriecht freiwillig durch eine eingeschlagene Glastür. Den Bienen muten wir das zu!

Eine Verletzung der Flügel wäre ihr Todesurteil.

Cones for ladybugs

Cones are filling in the truest sense of the word. Somehow you have to  get the compartments full. Ladybugs can find thousands of hiding spots in a normal garden. Cones do not belong there  to.


Ladybugs are lured into the garden with food. This also includes toleration of a large number of aphids. Otherwise it can be done  Females hardly convince them to lay eggs.

The butterfly slot


Most butterflies overwinter in the larval stage. from  Of the 180 or so butterflies, only 6 hibernate as butterflies in caves, hollow trees, wooden sheds, etc., but not in prefabricated boxes with a slot. 

Species-appropriate redesign

Redesign your existing "insect hotel" in a species-appropriate way. Replace the decoration with reeds (5-9mm), a drilled hardwood (2-9mm) and boxes of pounded sand. This is sure to convince some wild bee females to nest.


We would be happy to help you here. You send a photo and the measurements, we manufacture

The right "filling" for your existing house that is right for you.

Herkömmliches "Insektenhotel"


Fertigung von Nisthölzern nach vorgegebenen Maßen


Umrüstung zur Nisthilfe


Kontaktieren Sie uns. Wir wandeln auch Ihr "Insektenhotel"

in eine artgerechte Nisthilfe für Wildbienen um.

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