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Insect-friendly garden design

A continuous food base from March to October is the prerequisite for a permanent lease with the wild bees. Make your garden bee- and insect-friendly with simple means.

Early bloomers - first food in spring


Plant early bloomers such as winter lumps, snowdrops, crocuses, etc.  

they offer the early hatching wild bees, e.g. sand and mason bees

Nectar and pollen.

Plants and shrubs that bloom early


In addition to early bloomers, there are a variety of early blooming plants and shrubs such as lungwort, sloe, hawthorn ...

Trees - important donors of nectar and pollen


When you want to plant a tree, think of the bees. Sallow willows and fruit trees provide plenty of food for many insects in spring.

English turf - a food wasteland


Leave a piece of lawn just grow and mow only twice a year, preferably with a scythe. Enjoy a great variety of plants over the years.

Flowerbeds - flowers with open petals


Create beds with open flowers.

Pay attention to a flowering distribution from spring to autumn. Excellent bee pastures are e.g. catnip, Herbs (oregano, basil, sage) and first of allMoroccan (Turkish) mint.

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